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Compost Stored Over Winter

If I store screened compost over winter in a steel garbage can will it decrease the quality of the compost for potted plants in spring?, Thankyou!

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Fruit Trees

I planted a plum tree last autumn variety opal, bare root. It is solid in the ground but produced neither foliage nor blossom. Do I give it longer or simply uproot it?

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Terra Cotta Pots

How or what can I use to seal the interior of a tera cotta pot ? I plant various flowers/plants in them and the "black seal" that the nursery puts on them seems to kill off the plants. It takes a while, but they all die. Any help is appreciated. Respectfully submitted, Wesley Weston

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Shredded matter

I am shredding hedge cuttings, briars, tree branches etc, etc and wonder if the mulched residue can be used as a cover to prevent weeds coming up?

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yuccy mulch under tree

The black mulch under my crape myrtle tree has yellow to pink fungus like stuff on top. my husband thinks it's residue from the tree flowers, but it looks the consistancy of pudding that's beenin the fridge too long and cracked on top.

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Pumpkins and Tomatoes

What is causing the pumpkin leaves in the garden to turn white? Also what is causing the tomotoes to turn brown?

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Plum Tree

Several years ago I cut woody weeds beneath my plum tree almost to the ground and painted the stub with brush killer. I accidentally painted some suckers from the plum tree. A few large branches on the tree died, and I cut them off. Two years later the rest of the tree is producing lucious healthy-looking plums. Are they safe to eat?

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Triple Stag horn

I have a stag horn in a tree that started out as a single unit, but has grown over the years into a triple head unit. My question is, can I divide this stag horn into three separate plants by cutting the segments apart and reattaching them to different trees.

Stag horn fern.jpg

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Roses Defoliated

Last fall my roses lost all thier leaves except for a few at the shoot tips. What caused this problem. could I have prevented this?

Black Spot Roses.png

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Apples that are spotted, and have internal brown streaks... what is wrong and are they safe to eat?

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Easiest and Greenest House Plants...

I was just thinking I would get some house plants that were bright green and that would't drop many leaves. For the most part I'm looking some decorative foliage that will also help filter/circulate the air in my room.

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