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Recently Asked Questions:

Norway Pine

My Norway pine inner needles yellowed turned brown and fell off at the end of August. Could I have prevented this from happening?

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Lawn Care

Weed and feed product having poor weed control, what did I do wrong?

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Systemic insecticide on vegetables?

What if systemic insecticide is used on vegetables, can you eat the veggies?

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Dusty Miller

My dust millers this year are the best and biggest ever for some reason (Maine). Can they, in individual pots, be kept inside for winter and put back out? Also the same question for coleus. Thank you.

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Driveways and Trees

How close to driveway can you safely plant a redbud tree?

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Hibiscus, When to Prune

I have 2 hibiscus, I need to know when to cut them down to bloom in the spring I bring then in for the winter and they bloomed all winter I cut them back and here it is end of aug and they are just starting to bloom.

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Fall Gardening

What produce can I plant now (in the fall) in raised flower beds? I need ideas for 4 unattended raised beds that must be low maintenance, easy to grow, and virtually pest free (because it's outside of a daycare).

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Tomato plants die after 4 months

I live in San Diego and every year I plant tomato plants sometime in April. They generally do very well for 3 months or so, but every year for the last four, sometime in August, the leaves start to turn brown, and the plants die. Often there are many good-sized tomatoes still on the dead plants. I was told that I was likely overwatering, so I cut back this year, but the same thing is now happening, maybe a few weeks later than last year


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Vegetable garden

Can I put weed block down before planting my vegetable, will my veggies be able to survive?

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Relocating Hydrangea

Large hydrangea can it be moved and when is the best time to do this?

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Lonicera japonica repens

Is lonicera japonica repens suitable for an arch?

Lonicera japonica.jpg

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Golden privet for hedging

How long can I keep the plants in pots, before planting?

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