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Peppers & Pests

I bring my plants indoors during winter. They survived 3 years, the last year pests came in too some kind of aphid. How can I eliminate pests from the pots before I bring them in without hurting the plants?

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Lavendula munstead

I have a number of English lavender in my garden. We are now well into the summer, and the lavender blossoms have dried out. Should I cut the stems back now?

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Dwarf Fruit Trees

I bought a dwarf apple, plum, cherry and pear seedlings. I was told to leave them in water for at least a few days because of the heat when they were shipped. I planted them in adequate sized planters to start them off but they have not grown. They turned brown and have not grown any. They were dormant when I ordered them (This I did not know). I don't over water and they are getting adequate sunlight. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?

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Squirrels and Crocus Bulbs

I have used hardware cloth over crocus bulbs to foil chip monks. However, this year, squirrels pulled up pieces of cloth and ate the bulbs. What can I do when I replant bulbs?

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I think my quince tree had fire blight. The leaves went a dapplesd brown with curled up edges, but they did not fall off the tree. At the very top of the tree seemed a perfectly happy new shoot. On reccomendation I took off all the branches and leaves and burned them. The main bough is still in the ground awaiting felling.To the right of the tree is a lacecap hydrangea who's leaves are turning red and it is not flowering as well as usual. Do you think it has anything to do with the diseased tree. If so how far would the disease spread in the soil to the rest of my garden, which is full of shrubs and trees? Is it possible to test the surrounding soil to see if it is toxic? I have a large mature garden that has taken years to reach the beautiful stage is now at. Please help with some ideas. Regards Irene Rogers

Fire Blight.jpg

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Plum Tree, Fruit is Splitting

Why are my plums splitting on the tree?

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Lateral Roots From Trumpet Vines

I purchased 2 trumpet vines from a local nursery. They were planted next to each corner on our pergola, I have a small english garden that surounds the pergola. We are constantly pulling out hundreds of sprouts all over the yard. I took one out this spring using vegetation killer an attempted to dig out as much of the roots as possible. We are still having a lot of lateral rot shoots. What else can I do to get rid of them? Take out the 2nd trumpet vine, which we plan to do, but there are just as many shoots still coming from the other side of the garden where the original one was taken out. Help!

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Repotting Dahlia

My dhalia is spindly and pot bound, can I repot it now, it has one flower and 2 buds on it. Thanks


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Gerbera Daisies

I planted a Gerbera daisy plant in a large pot with several other flowers. The Gerbera's leaves have spread out a lot but the flowers themselves are sparse or short and covered up by all the leaves. The other flowers are healthy in the pot. What should I do?

Gerbera Daisy.jpg

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Tomato Plants

Can you cut the leaves off of the bottom of the tomato plant after it starts growing without hurting the plant?

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Watering and Erosion Control

First question is weather or not I should water my greenhouse in morning or evening? Second what trees and shrubs are best for erosion control in Clearlake California for full-sun?

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Apricot tree

Why didn't my apricot tree bear fruit when last year it did?


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