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Recently Asked Questions:

Cucumber leaves turning brown

Why are the leaves on my cucumber going brown as it grows to approx 18 inch high?

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black currants

I planted some black currant plants in March this year. They have some fruit on them but the fruit is sour. Is this because it is the plants first year or because I planted them in partial shade? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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Identify this plant

Just picked this plant up at home depot. I know it has low light requirments, but I have no idea what the plant is. It is cut like a cane plant and rooted in a moist soil mix. Can you tell me what it is so that I can provide the proper care, I bought it because I think it will make an interesting bonsai for my collection.Thanks

Mystery Plant.jpg

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Trees - Soft & Hard Maple

I have very large old soft maple trees that have leaves curling, drying up and dropping. This is 6/29 and I am raking leaves, hardly anything left. Trees at least 75 years old and a few that are 15-20 years old. One hard maple is starting as well. What is problem & how to solve? Live in central Illinois.

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Peony Care After Hail

We had a bad hail storm that tore all the leaves from my peonies and bent or broke all the stems. How do I care for them so they survive?

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How to do the Cutting

Would you be so kind telling me the name of the plant and also give me some advice on the cutting process (when to do it & how to do it) please?


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Root parsley

I sowed my root parsley two months ago and now it's too tall for the cold frame it's in. Can I cut them back a little without hurting the root?

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Tomatoes Won't Turn Red

For two years now I get tons of tomatoes on my vines, but they never turn red, what should I do?


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apple trees

My apple trees have rust colored spots on the leaves, what is it and will it kill the tree?

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Strange Substance

What is this strange substance I see in my garden?


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Virginia Creeper On a Tree

Does virginia creeper harm large trees to climb them?

Virginia Creeper.jpg

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Red oak leaf curl

No white residue or signs of insects, rolling only on latest growth. Has not happened in the past. A small tree in our backyard does not show these conditions. What is the cause of the leaf curl?

red oak leaf curl.JPG

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