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Recently Asked Questions:

Salt in soil

How do you leach the salt from soil and not kill the remaining plants?

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Squirrels Eating My Tomatoes

I heard about a mixtire of hot sauce and water used to deter squirrels from eating vegetables in my garden, what is the mixture?

squirrel face.jpg

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Diplandia Flowers Are Not Opening

I have a yellow diplandia plant it is on the East facing upper deck, it gets morning and early afternoon sun. It has a lot of buds on it but I have noticed that they dry up and never come to flower. What is wrong? I keep the soil moist, does the plant need to be misted?


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Re: my previous question of foxglove with flat topbloom I have enclosed a photo of said bloom

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Suspicious Vine

This vine popped up and is now growing all over my tree peony. I've googled photos of poison ivy/oak/sumac but none looks like this--especially the white streak like veins. I don't want to touch it. If its poison ivy, how do I get rid of it? It's near other ornamentals in my shade garden.


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Conifer Is Browning

I have lots of dead branches inside my conifer tree [not sure what sort] it has upward growing branches and has green growth only on the ends of the outer branches, is it saveable.

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Potting Soil Question

I am about to plant some Geraniums in pots I had others in last year. I dumped the soil into another container and found hundreds of little yellowish balls. When I squeezed one of them it collapsed and a watery substance came out. What are these and will they prevent me from using this potting soil again this year?

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Question About Vines, Cape Honeysuckle

I just bought 12 cape honesuckle plants, how many years do these vine plants last? Is there another vine plant that lives longer? Looking to cover 6 foot high fence.


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One area of a garden bed won't allow any plant to survive

We have a garden bed south facing which has one particular area that has not allowed any plant to survive. We have planted a hedge of low growing evergreens, roses, and now lantana, and that one space is obviously sparse. We planted a new lantana plant about two weeks ago, and he looks like he won't make it, while all the other plants are robustly growing. Is it sun exposure, or soil? Any ideas?

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Peonies Won't Bloom and Seem Stunted

I have a 10 year old peony the did not bloom last year and is no blooming this year. The plant has not been moved What would cause it not to bloom. It has not grown to its full size either.

White Peony.png

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Why is the foliage of my Honeysuckle turning brown/yellow and the leaves are falling before the flowers have started to bloom? The shrub which is several years old, lives in a container. Thanks for guidance

Lonicera japonica .jpg

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