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Recently Asked Questions:

Scarlet Jewell Maple

Where can we find a Scarlet Jewell Maple?

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Plant tissue culture

What is plant tissue culture?

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The strawberry vines are taking over!

There was a couple of strawberry plants in our garden last year- now they are everywhere - any suggestions on controlling them or getting rid of them?

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Aspen Trees

I'm I over watering my Aspen?

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Weak looking plants

Several of my potted plants look weak- thin and without many leaves - is this do to not enough sun or not enough fertilizer?

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What does "semi-evergreen" look like in winter?

What does it exactly mean "semi-evergreen? I don't understand how something could be so. What are some examples?

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Potted plants or flowers in direct sunlight?

I have planted both spider plants and fuchsias, but neither one can be placed in direct sunlight. I have them on the left side of my porch, but need something on the right side of my porch to even things out. Any suggestions?

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Do plants have a soul?

A plant is a living thing. What happens when a plant dies?

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