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Recently Asked Questions:

Excessive growth / Lack of flowers

I have a well established garden in Seaford, East Sussex. I have a Hydrangea which is growing very fast and producing lots of foliage but no flower buds to speak of. A Weigelia alongside the Hydrangea is doing exactly the same. Normal growth and flowering took place in previos years. What is the solution please? Is a hard unseasonal pruning the answer?

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Gardening Dead Heading Sweet William

Can you deadhead sweet william & will it re-bloom?

Dianthus .png

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Messed Up, Homemade Herbicide

I was making a solution of vinegar and salt to control weeds in my garden, the problem, I didn't realize that what I picked up was ammonia and wound up making a solution of half ammonia, half vinegar and the remainder salt - sprayed the weeds and then found the mistake - have I killed my veggies or possibly potentially poisoned my husband and myself? Thanks, Chris

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Ornamental Seagrass

I transplanted my ornamental seagrass and now there are a lot of brown areas, is it dying?

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Pole Beans Being Eaten

Something (slugs I think) has chewed all of the leaves off of my pole bean seedlings. Do I need to start over, or will they recover and grow new leaves?

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Planting Seeds

When planting veggie seeds if you miss the start of the growing season in your region can you still plant without the risk of the plant bolting?

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Fava Bean Yield

Our Fava beans had little yeald but grew huge plants, what's wrong?

Fava Bean.jpg

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Plant Type?

I have seen this plant on my drive into work, can anyone tell me what the name is please?

Picture 035.jpg

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I pruned my hydrangea wrong last year now there are no flowers. Can I prune now to shape it?

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Should I Prune My Raspberries?

My Raspberry is doing well, there are new shoots, tall and fruitless should I prune those down or should I leave it for next year?


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Vegetable Blooms No Fruit

I have well growing plants of cucumber and zucchini with a good number of blloms but a lack of vegetables "setting on". Suggestions on why or why not. Location is in Kansas City Mo area.

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My rhubarb is 3 years old but has never grown to big size. What could be wrong? Damp ground, mulched, fertilized.


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