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Indoor palm is stunted

I would like to know what is wrong with my palm. I inherited it from my mother-in-law to be and it was in excellent condition when first received. However over the years in my care it has gradually shown that it seems to be stunted despite repotting and fertilising. It's not growing any new fronds but the fronds that were developing are now remaining closed and are starting to brown at the tips. The older, mature leaves have gone entirely brown - spotted dark brown in places even. The main trunk has thinned at the base and is brown too. I keep it in my bathroom which is quite a humid area but I thought this would be perfect for a palm. I don't over water it. Is there anything I can do to help it recover and start growing again? Many thanks


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sheet rock in gardening

Sheet rock is mostly calcium carbonate, can it be used in a garden?

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Blue Stars Lily - Aristea Ecklonii

Aristea Ecklonii produces bright blue flowers in spring. I would like to know if I should cut off the flower stems once the plant has finished flowered during summer? Thank you

Blue Stars Lily, Aristea Ecklonii.jpg

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Are bats attracted to olive trees and do they eat olives on trees?

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Would I be able to keep a potted mandevilla over the winter in an unheated garage. Would I need to cut it back?

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Spartan Apple Tree

My Spartan apple tree does not flower or produce fruit, I have a James Grieve apple tree planted nearby for polunation which does produce a few apples. The tree is 3 years old.

Apple Flower.jpg

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White mulberry tree no buds or leaves

Hello, I have a large approx 5m tall established white mulberry tree which usually has buds and leaves by now. We are in Melbourne and I just realised that the tree has nothing not even buds. I have tried bending twigs and it is green inside and flexible not dry. Can anyone tell me what I can do to my beautiful tree.


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Ranunculus Bulbs

I have 10 Ranuculus bulbs, can I plant them now or wait till Spring? Also what about fertilizing them?

Ranunculus asiaticus.png

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Elephant Ear

Can you cut the root in half of an Elephant Ear and plant the following year to have more?

elephant ear.png

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prixzie nectarine / peach

Hi - I bought a dwarf peach / nectarine tree, and the upper portion of the plant is as healthy as anything, even with small fruits forming, but the lower half of the tree seems to be losing yellowish small leaves, which are dropping at the rate of around 10 / day. Is this an indication of over / under feeding or other issues? thank you

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Repotting Amaryllis

What type of compost is best for repotting an Amaryllis?

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Garden Design

I was wondering if I could have advice on my garden design. My house faces the East and the garden is in the front. I was also wondering how much yield each product will produce?


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