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Hibiscus House Plant

I have a hibiscus that has little black dots all over the leaves. Some look like they might have wings but they are so small it is hard to tell. I wash they off and they come back. I have a lot of other house plants that do not have these dots. Do you know what they are and how do I get rid of them?

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Conifer Hedge Replacement

We have inherited a long row of conifers against a boundary fence in our new garden which are almost as tall as the house, have not been looked after and we would like to remove and replace. Could you suggest a replacement for them? We thought of a beech hedge because we know the birds will miss the cover of the trees but wonder if the soil would be too full of roots. We live in Ringmer in East Sussex and the soil is clay.

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Slopes / ground

Ok here goes - ground is clay / rocks in Waynesboro,Virginia on a slope --what kind of ground cover / flowers will cover fast and last ? Also only water source is bucket and its full sun -- thank you ahead of time

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Sterile Roses

Hi. Last year I was given several climber rose bushes. They have grown prolifically all Summer but not a single rosebud appeared. Do I wait another year or dig them out and start again. Rgds Neil New Zealand

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Cutting Back Butterfly Bush

When should I cut back my butterfly bushes in spring? I live in Cincinnati, Ohio

Butterfly Bush.jpg

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Pyracantha problems

Help! I've just inspected my 1yr old pyracantha plants that I have planted as a hedge and the leaves have all been stripped off leaving just the veins. The berries look withered also. What do you think is responsible please.

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Black spot on roses

What causes black spot on roses and how to stop it?

Black Spot Roses.png

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Pruning Euonymus

I have an euonymus fort 'Harlequin'standard and would like some advice as to pruning.

euonymus 'harlequin'.jpg

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What do you do before you sow seeds direct into the garden?

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Confederate jasmine

I have a potted confederate jasmine plant that's developed a coppery black spot on the leaves. What is it? I'm moving and want to bring it with me. Can the limbs be trimmed for moving?


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Plant names

Is there a plant called gwendolyn? I would love to buy one for my grandaughter of the same name.

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Almond Tree

My almond tree is 3 years old with several suckers coming up around the tree;however the tree itself is dead. The trunk is split and the bark is peeling off in spots. Will these sprouts amount to anything or should I dig the whole tree out. It was very healthy and even bore some almonds the first year.

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