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Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

I have suckers growing from below the graft. How can I stop this?

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Identifying a House Plant

I have a bamboo type of palm, did great by my pool in the summer. I am wintering it by a window in my office and I have recently found that it has some yellowing leaves at the base of the shoots. I'm not sure what this plant is called so if someone could identify it that would be good to know what its care is. Thank you! I am located in Michigan

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Is it ok to cut back a privet hedge in the late winter/early spring?

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Plantings For Small Gardens

I have a small yard, fenced with privacy fencing but still need more privacy. What would be a good choice for plantings around the perimeter. I like serbian spruce but am worried that they may become too large.

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Hello, I bought a house recently and there is a half wall at the side with an old fence above it. I have an idea to take this down completely and build a small fence with a hedge behind it, but where should I start?

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One pittosporum in a hedge is dying

Hi, Hoping anyone can help with suggestions. I have one pittosporum out of a hedge of 9 that is dying. The rest are perfect. I live in Sydney and it has been pretty hot here including a few over 40degree days. The only other thing we have done lately is to put sugarcane mulch on the garden bed. This is our first house and so we are learning. Your help would be appreciated, it may be too late but I am willing to try anything. Thank you

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orange pips

I have germinated 4 orange (clementine) pips. One of them has 2 sprouts; my friend tells me that one of the sprouts will be same as parent tree. Can you tell me how to identify the correct sprout, please? Kind regards, Ken

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Planting PJM and Rhododendron Branches

How do I plant a large branch from an established PJM plant? Rhododendron?

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Ground cover

I am looking for a plant tha will spread reasonably quickly and stay low to the ground to fill some planter boxes a the front of my garden. The plant can be just greenery or can have small flowers. Can you recommend anything please?

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In christchurch, NZ, when is the best time to prune deciduous azaleas, and can they be cut back hard.

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Esperanza pruning

I have an esperanza shrub turned into a tree, and I really need advice on how to best prune it, is February the correct time to do so?

Tecoma stans.jpg

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Lemon Cypress outdoors in winter

I have 2 small lemon cypress plants that I would like to keep on our covered porch throughout the winter in Washington DC. They are in their own pot which is then sitting in an iron urn. I take them out to water. I know they need some warmth on very cold nights. Can I cover with a plastic or paper bag on those nights? Or should I wrap the pot itself that contains the roots. Which part of the plant freezes first, the root ball or the leaves? Will a bag be enough? Thanks!

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