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n.p.kuehn@ asks:


Apples that are spotted, and have internal brown streaks... what is wrong and are they safe to eat?


The brown streaks inside your apples are most likely caused by apple maggot larva. The apple maggot is a type of fruit fly. Female apple maggot flies insert eggs beneath the skin of fruit starting in mid-summer. The punctures produce small holes that later appear as blemishes on the fruit, the brown streaks are caused by the larva tunneling through the flesh of the apple.

There are a couple methods of natural control which have varying results. Removing all the infected apples from the ground is one way to avoid further infestation or using apple maggot traps hung throughout the canopy. Insecticides are the most effective method to control apple maggots in commercial and home orchard settings.

So... you can eat the apples they wont hurt you but its up to you.

Happy Gardening!

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