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Triple Stag horn

Tonycarlyon@ asks:


I have a stag horn in a tree that started out as a single unit, but has grown over the years into a triple head unit. My question is, can I divide this stag horn into three separate plants by cutting the segments apart and reattaching them to different trees.


Yep, stag horn ferns can be easily divided with only a few easy cuts. Using a clean, sharp knife to cut down into the brown shield and sever a group of fronds that has developed at a tip of a branching rhizome being sure to cut trough all the rhizome and roots.

Once divided pack the divisions base in moist sphagnum moss and hang on the other trees you selected just as you did your first stag horn fern.

Thanks for the gardening question!
Plant Life Online

Stag horn fern.jpg

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