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Orange Blaze Bell Pepper

‘Orange Blaze’ bell pepper from Seminis is the 2011 All-America Selections Winner. The sweet orange bell pepper matures early, has a sweet flavor and is very disease resistant. The 'Orange Blaze' fruit is ready for harvesting about 65-70 days from transplant. The fruits are 3 to 4-inch long and 1½-inch wide with 2-3 lobes. It is highly resistant to diseases especially Bacterial Leaf Spot. Plants reach 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. Peppers are a tender warm season perennials they should be transplanted into the garden when frost is no longer a threat. Peppers will not do well in cold or wet locations. Peppers thrive in a well-drained, fertile soil that is well supplied with moisture. Use a starter fertilizer when transplanting. To ensure a good crop supplemental organic fertilizer should be applied after the first flush of peppers is set.