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Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions

Light/Temperature/Water Conditions

Caring for Perennials: Deadheading

The practice of pruning enables the gardener to regulate plant shape and size, and to control flowering and fruiting. Benefits of pruning include: extended bloom time, plant regeneration, and the stimulation of new growth. Deadheading is one form of pruning for perennials.

What About Mulch?

Mulching is the practice of covering the soil surface with a variety of materials for protection and improvement of the soil. Mulching is a pattern we see in nature with fallen leaves, needles, twigs, bark, fallen fruit, and other organic materials. Many benefits are achieved by correctly replicating this pattern in the landscape.

What is "Drought" and "Drought Stress?"

In nature, water is usually the most limiting factor for plant growth. This is also the case in home or commercial landscapes. If plants do not receive adequate rainfall or irrigation, the resulting drought stress can reduce growth more than all other environmental stresses combined.

Planting Tips

Planting TipsPlanting TipsOften we spend absurd amount of money on plants and then don't take time or have the knowledge to correctly plant them. The first step of planting is the most critical for long term success and survivability. Below are a few tips on our versions of the correct planting techniques.