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Shasta Daisy

Jenny asks:


My shasta daisy is growing great, but no blooms. Last year it bloomed, this is its 2nd year. Any ideas? I've watered it regularly and it gets lots of sun.


The most likely reason your shasta daisy did not bloom this season is due to lack nutrients. Shasta daisies are heavy feeders and require at minimum one application of slow release fertilizer.

Shasta Daisy Care:
In spring apply a granular fertilizer to the soil surface around each plant or monthly applications of liquid fertilizer starting in spring. Shasta daises have very shallow roots so there is no need to work the fertilizer in the soil. Shasta daisy will also benefit from a 2 inch layer mulch placed around the plant to prevent weed growth, retain moisture, and cool roots.

Pinch back the tips of the stems of young when they grow to about 6 inches to encourage fullness, this will encourage more flowers. Deadheading will extend their bloom period. At the end of the season cut back dead stems to soil level when they are finished blooming.

Due to the shallow roots of the shasta daisy they require regular water, plants in poor soil site may require daily watering.

Happy Gardening!
Plant Life Online

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