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Hydrangea With An Orange Vine On It

Kellie Newman asks:


My hydrangea had a orange colored vine starting to grow on it late in the season last year. Thus year it has completely taken it over. I don't know what the vine is or how to get rid of it without killing the hydrangea. Should I just kill all of it and replant?


Sounds like you are describing Dodder which a parasitic weed that attaches its self to the host plant. Once attached the dodder absorbs water and nutrients through haustoria which are modified adventitious roots that penetrate the host tissue.

Controlling dodder can be difficult if it is allowed to set seed, seeds can remain dormant in the soil for many years. In your case I would manually remove the dodder from your hydrangea and continue to do so every time you see more growing. In the spring before the dodder seeds germinate a pre-emergent herbicides such as DCPA (Dacthal) or trifluralin can applied to the soil.

Dodder on shrub.jpg

Yes, this does look the same. I will try later from my computer. It is such a large area that I don't think it will be possible to control it. When I send the photo you will see what I mean.
Until then, thank you!!!

Unfortunately manual removal is your best option to remove the dodder without killing everything in the area with a broad spectrum herbicide.

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