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Brenda asks:


I purchased a summer glow tamarisk last year. I reside in Northwestern Ontario. My problem is that a few of the branches seem to be dying off and all the garden sites say that either it likes moderate water or very dry conditions. Also it states to add mulch around it but do not place near the trunk. Can anyone help me on the watering and the mulch .


I would lean more to the dryer side for soil moisture, tamarisks are known to be quite tolerant of dry conditions and are often used in xeriscaping. Check the soil moisture by using a soil probe or digging a small hole, if the soil seem overly wet I would not worry about mulching. Mulch holds in soil moisture and keeps soil cool in direct sunlight. Warmer soil in the root zone will improve root growth and the overall health of the tree overtime.

I would remove the dead limbs and give the tree sometime.

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