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leave fold on Jujube

yao asks:


I have a Jujube tree which I planted this Spring. I find its leaves folded and some tured to yellow. I water the tree every three or four days. I wonder what problem causes these leaves folded?


From your photo the plant looks healthy, slight leaf curling is common with Jujube plants so there is nothing to worry about there. The yellowing could be caused by a number of things, most likely it is from the transplanting. When plants are transplanted, moved or repotted there is a certain amount of stress placed on the plant which can cause yelling and leaf drop.

Things to check:
- Be sure the soil is not overly wet and there is good drainage, wet feet can cause plants to yellow and decline overtime.
- Insects can cause leaves to curl, inspect the leaves very closely to be sure there is no sign of insects or insects damage.

Keep your eye on the Jujube tree but I think your tree will be just fine.

Happy Gardening!
Plant Life Online


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