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Pool Soil

Tararsings4jesus@ asks:


My parents and I have had a pool in our backyard for more than 16 years,and every time we cleaned it we had pool chemicals and dirty water(like swamp water) land on this soil,and I have taken an interest in Gardening now,and i do not know if i can use this soil,please reasond back to me.Thanks


I would not worry about the organic matter that was cleaned out of the pool it most likely has broken down and added nutrients back to the soil. The chemicals used to maintain the pool may have built up in the soil as salt and could make it hard to gown some plants. Your best option is to have the soil analyzed. There are labs around the country that will do soil analysis for a small fee or free, many of which you can mail in your samples.

You should be able to find one online in your area.

Happy gardening!

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