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Aralia Fabian

braidedcarpet@ asks:


I read up on another question about this plant and "the growing season" was mentioned. I was curious to know exactly when that is. Also, if winter is around, would it be smart to leave an Oil-Filled heater on near the plant to maintain the 70 degree temperature?


The growing season varies depending on your climate, your Aralia Fabian will adjust to the environment in your home. I would not recommend leaving a heater near the plant, it would be nearly impossible to keep the temperature consistent throughout the life of the plant. Its best to allow the plant to acclimate to your home environment.

The most common reason Aralia Fabian tend to decline during the winter is over watering, avoid allowing the saucer to fill with water. The majority of the roots are found 2-3 inches below the soil surface so when the soil surface appears dry it maybe moist below and not require additional water.

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