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Pumpkin Plants

Paul asks:


I noticed some silver/grey on the leaves of some of my plants it does not appear to be affecting anything at this point just curious about what it maight be.


Sounds like it could be the beginning of powdery mildew which if it dose not continue to spread should not be a problem.

Powdery mildews are characterized by spots or patches of white to grayish, powdery substance on the leaf surface. The disease is most commonly observed on the upper sides of the leaves but also may affect the bottom sides of leaves, young stems, buds, flowers and young fruit. Powdery mildews are severe in warm, dry climates. This is because the fungus does not need the presence of water on the leaf surface for infection to occur. However, the relative humidity of the air does need to be high for spore germination. Therefore, the disease is common in crowded plantings where air circulation is poor and in damp, shaded areas.

To avoid the further spread of powdery mildew its best to eliminate over crowing and improve air circulation.

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