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Plants - Trees

ScientificCommonUSDA ZonesExposureTypesort iconHeight     Spread     
Quercus x warei 'Long'Regal Prince Oak4a - 8bFull sunTrees50 to 60'20 to 30'
Picea abies .pngPicea abies Norway Spruce 3a - 8bFull sunTreesAbove 75'15 to 20'
Prunus nigra 'Princess Kay'Princess Kay Plum2a - 6bFull sunTrees10 to 15'6 to 10'
Sorbus decoraShowy Mountain Ash2a - 6bPartial sunTrees20 to 30'15 to 20'
Catalpa speciosa.pngCatalpa speciosaNorthern Catalpa4a - 8bFull sunTrees50 to 75'30 to 40'
Malus 'Royalty'Royalty Crab3a - 7bFull sunTrees15 to 20'15 to 20'
Merrill Magnolia.jpgMagnolia kobus var. loebneri 'Merrill'Merrill Magnolia4a - 7bFull sunTrees30 to 40'20 to 30'
Acer saccharum Green Mountain GREEN MTN SUGAR MAPLE.jpgAcer saccharum 'Green Mountain'Green Mountain Sugar Maple4a - 7bFull sunTrees50 to 75'Under 1'
Fraxinus americana 'Greenville'.pngFraxinus americana 'Greenville'Jade Patina White Ash4a - 9bFull sunTrees50 to 75'20 to 30'
Acer palmatum dissectum 'Ever Red'.JPGAcer palmatum 'Ever Red'Japanese Maple Ever Red6a - 8bFull sunTrees3 to 6'6 to 10'