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ScientificCommonUSDA ZonesExposureTypeHeightSpreadsort icon
Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'Golden Variegated Sweet Flag5a - 10bFull sunGroundcoversUnder 1'Under 1'
Ledebouria cooperiLedebouria9a - 10bFull sunPerennialsUnder 1'Under 1'
Asarum canadenseCanadian Wild Ginger3a - 9bFull sunGroundcoversUnder 1'Under 1'
Aloe variegata Partridge-breast 9b - 11+Full sunSucculents & CactiUnder 1'Under 1'
Catananche caerulea Cupid's Dart3a - 8bFull sunPerennials1 to 2'Under 1'
Gladiolus cardinalisWaterfall Lilly 8a - 10bFull sunPerennials2 to 3'Under 1'
Erythronium revolutumWestern Trout Lily5a - 8bPartial sunPerennials1 to 2'Under 1'
Beta vulgarisGolden Beet2a - 11Partial sunVegetables1 to 2'Under 1'
Beta vulgarisLittle Mini Ball Beet2a - 11Partial sunVegetables1 to 2'Under 1'